Online-translation platform based on blockchain

Pre-ICO ends
Our mission
We want to create a world of free and quick communication without constraints of language barriers. To serve this objective, we have created a platform where top interpreters can help users seamlessly connect with people anywhere across the world.
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Instant online translation with real interpreters.
You will receive only quality translations made by professional interpreters instantly and cheaply anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection.
Low fees and fair translation price
Pay only for the minutes you spend directly on the translation; it ensures a significant saving of money for the client whereas better earnings prospects for interpreters due to efficient matchmaking process.
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The Web and mobile apps
Friendly, simple and free voice translation application for your phone. All you need to do is- switch on the app, select the available interpreter and start communicating in any language.
Safe payments, protected by blockchain
The technology of smart contracts will protect the whole process of payment and guarantee the safety of funds. The smart contract not only avoids any participation of intermediaries but also executes the contracts automatically in a time-bound manner.


— The LangPie pre-sale campaign;
Q4 2017
— ICO — Mobile APP MVP for iOS and closed test — Launching promotion program
Q1 2018
— Open beta-test for iOS and Android — Smart-contract based payment system
Q2 2018
— Join first 1000 users — Deployment of marketing company
Q3 2018
— Official release of the Langmate platform — Active marketing and media
Q4 2018
— Join more than 20 000 active clients — Connect first 500 interpreters

Our team

Cedric is a professional, with large competence in many business fields, such as: international relations, finance, banking consulting, law. Eric setup effective business strategy: find long term partners, build effective business model, merge blockchain with real-world economy.
Cedric Hung
Nastya is a young and ambitious project manager. For 2 years implemented 7 projects in the IT. At the moment, she gets an MBA in University of Nicosia.
Nastya Moroz
Project Manager
Kirill has a master’s degree in mathematics, after graduation he became an app-developer, for now he has more than now he has more than 6 years of experience. His main specialization in development is integration of VoIP protocols in mobile applications. Last 2 years he studied Solidity development and worked with platform based on the blockchain technology.
Kirill Chepurnov
Blockchain developer
Eric studied the business logic of highly loaded applications. Currently he is developing the architecture for high-loaded cloud applications like the Langpie app.
Eric DeBock
Cristian is a seasoned Product Designer with more than 10 years of experience in UX and UI design. A fullstack designer, specialized on startups, usability consultant, lecturer and author of UX courses.
Cristian Plop
Nikita is studying international relations at the university. Since 2014 he participated in organization and holding of forums, meetings and conferences dedicated to the subject of cryptocurrencies.
Nikita Gamaunov
Community manager


4 years experience
Max Malkovich
Max is an SMM specialist and a lawyer. He will help Langpie to integrate SMM into the main marketing strategy, determine the vector of platform development, analyze the niche in the promotion process and the behavior of the target customers.
10 years experience
Munshi Rasel Haq
SEO-expert and trainer with experience in international projects. Consultant in the field of multi-user platforms. Munshi helps Langpie with advancement in crowdfunding campaign and optimization of internal processes.